Motor Boats Adriatic

Would you like to eat your breakfast in Split, lunch on the island Hvar and dinner on Korcula? If yes, then why not try one of our state-of-the art power boats

The invention of the outboard engine and motor boat is considered to be one of the greatest achievements of the 20.ct. Although the motor boat was constructed by Germans Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, who in 1886 first tested it on the Neckar river, the true inventor of the motor boat was actually an American of Norvegian origin by the name of Ole Evinrude, who constructed the first outboard engine in steel and brass. The year is 1907. Location? Wisconsin, USA. A year later his compatriot, the naval architect John L. Hacke, invented the v-hull and used the petrol engine for the first time. That same year Hacke established the Hacker Boat Co. which in 1911 designed 'Kitty Hawk', the first successful step hydroplane. Though this was revolutionary in itself, the really striking thing about Kitty Hawk was that it exceeded the then unthinkable speed of 50 miles per hour, which made it the fastest boat in the world at the time...
Today motor boats make up around 80% of all recreational fleets in the world. These 'cars on water', as they are also called, are now mostly used for fishing, tourism and rescue operations, or, for example, commercial transport. Their main distinguishing feature is their size and, in addition to that, their configuration. While some motor boats are only 4 meter long, others can be described as true mega-luxury yachts that are particularly suitable for longer trips across the Ocean. Their motors are usually situated either on the inside or the outside or they are hybrids. The inboards are usually installed on the side and they contain an internal combustion machine, the gearbox and a propeller in one portable device while a hybrid motor's internal combustion machine is installed inside the boat, with its gearbox and propeller outside. There are also two configurations of an inboard- a v-drive and a direct drive- of which v-drive is more popular, due to huge interest in wake-boarding and wake-surfing sports.
If you are wondering why very often they are the cruise lovers' boat of choice and how come motor boats provide such comfort, one of the most important reasons is that these ships provide a sense of freedom and independence that is hard to match. Or to put it differently, there is something for everyone in a motor boat- it can simultaneously give you the pleasure of a sports ride or, conversely, a relaxing cruise, meaning that they are ideal for longer vacations and perfect for people who enjoy the rush of excitement that comes with high speeds.
If you are thinking about renting a motor boat, you can charter a 16-meter motor boat with us at the peak of the summer season already for 7000 euro. Our boats offer perfect comfort in 2, 3 or 4 cabins (skipper included) but if you rent a smaller boat, you can also opt for bareboat charter. Our motor boats contain one or more cabins with beds and water closet facilities as well as a fully-eqipped kitchen with a sink, a fridge and a stove. All of our boats are equipped with spacious cabins, the most state of the art navigation and communication equipment, sophisticated technology, tv sets with big screens, wake-surfing sports' equipment and other amenities. They are great for a longer ride far away from the coast while providing enough space on the deck and below.