Sailing School

Sailing School for everybody. Beginners course encompasses basic skills crucial in order to begin sailing. Besides the basics of sailing, participants are taught basic seamen skills, they learn about life with the sea...

Beginners Course

Includes learning the basic skills. Apart from the basics of sailing, you also learn how to live on a boat and what life is like on the sea. If you don't master the skills you are taught in this course, you cannot apply to advanced courses. 

Cruising Course

This is an ideal course for all those who have completed the beginners course, but need to refresh their knowledge. Get used again to life on board of a ship and prepare yourself for one of the more advanced courses by enjoying attractive sailing in the sea area around the Kornati islands. 

Advanced Course

If you take this course you will learn all that is necessary for independent sailing. If you know how to control the sails with a spinnaker, sail at night, how to store a motor and sails and other complex skills, the first independently sailed nautical miles are definitely ahead of you.

Regatta Course

You have completed the first two courses but want something that is even more challenging? Then take a part in the regattas on the Adriatic. Participants in this course learn everything about racing like the little tricks that can lead to victory which originate from rich experience of the instructors. The highlight of the course is participation in one of the Adriatic races. 

Gourmand Course

The lovers of the original Dalmatian cuisine will take up the course at their expense. While sailing through attractive areas, you will have the opportunity to taste the dinner which will be prepared by the experienced cook Zivko. Zivko will teach the curious, who like his culinary arts.

Transadriatic Course

The more you sail, the more curious you become. You readily set sail for the open sea and discover personally what is on the other side of the Adriatic. For example, struggling with winter weather conditions,when you sail to the Gargano peninsula on the Italian side of the Adriatic.

Course "return ticket to Malta"

Get on board a sailing ship that takes you on an exciting journey to Malta and back. 600 nautical miles ofa real offshore sailing trip. The exotic Mediterranean island of Malta, with its rich history, is equally attractive in summer and winter.