Yacht Maintenance

A ship, either new or old, requires maintenance and investment that will keep her ''alive''. We offer the best professional maintenance service for your boat.

One of the most important things to bear in mind when chartering or buying a yacht is professional maintenance. Why? Because good maintenance paves the way for a better and safer performance and is the safest way to travel by far. When it comes to taking care of your needs, our maintenance services amount to more than just ordinary cleaning because they include everything necessary for your tanks, steel structures and equipment to function their best and without complications in sight.

Whether chartered or not If your yacht is not properly maintained the risks of failure or rust can multiply, especially during winter months. Facing empty batteries or a frozen tank can lead not only to your not sailing out in spring but also to unforeseen costs. Talk to us. We will do everything in our power to make sure that your journey is a safe and happy one.

Service palette

Kaiser yachting caters for professional, simple and affordable maintenance of one of your most valuable assets- your yacht. Our service palette includes the following service:

- extracting of your vessel on land and complete preparation for the season

- maintenance and reparation of all motor types, battery chargers, electric and hydraulic installations

- conservation of outboard engines

- external maintenance (cleaning, painting, replacement and reparation of key yacht parts and bindings checks)

- carpentry

- sail storage

- air-conditioner maintenance

- storage of linen (during winter) and inflatables

Regardless of wether we are just reviving your yacht, adding a little extra glitter or continuing with our regular maintenance program we take our job very seriously- paying attention to detail is just a start! All our services are custom-made and your needs and budget will be, of course, taken into account. And last but not least: our yacht maintenance service palette is also available for sailing boats, motor boats, catamarans and luxury yachts.