About us - Kaiser Yachting

KAISER YACHTING stands for sailing, boating, love for the sea and all the benefits associated with the sea, the coast and islands. Our main activity is chartering of motor and sailing boats on the Adriatic. Kaiser Yachting offers other additional services to our core business.

KAISER YACHTING offers a selection of over 700 ships, among which the most demanding customer will find the right boat.

KAISER YACHTING organizes team-building courses that are designed to improve the productivity of a group. In a dynamic and challenging environment, with your team you can overcome boundaries and find solutions to tackle challenges.

KAISER YACHTING organizes deep sea fishing, sailing schools, diving schools and participation in regattas.

If you would like to participate in an Adriatic regatta, you can become a part of the Kaiser Yachting sailing team and we will send you an invitation.


Principal office of Kaiser Yachting is located in Zagreb.

Gajeva 23, Zagreb, CROATIA 10000 HR

Phone: 091 511 36 03 (385 91 4860 020

Office: 01 4855 011 (385 1 4855 011)

Fax: 01 4855 012 (385 1 4855 012)

e-mail: info@kaiser-yachting.com


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