Team Building

Team building is the program designed in purpose to developed better productivity of group. During the yacht team building you will get to know a dynamic environment with your team.

Team building is a program specifically designed to enlarge the productivity of your group. During the program your team will better get to know a dynamic and challenging environment. The Croatian coast, which is 1777 km long, abounds in beautiful destinations to  visit and explore. Chose a team or a personal skipper, depending on your experience and abilities.

Yacht team building equals sailboat, motivated crew, adrenaline, wind, sea and salt. You can stay for a day or a week  but most commonly team building trips are organized on weekends. The middle Adriatic is like a magnet for sailors and boaters. Nearness of larger towns, Zadar and Sibenik, will make it easier to prepare and supply for sailing days to come. In the center of this territory lies the archipelago of Kornati. According to a legend an archipelago grew from white rocks which God threw in the sea and simlpy left lying there. Bizarre and extremely nice views arouse veneration and real sailors will be fascinated by shore indebtedness. Sailing south on the horizon another island arises in front of you- Vis- historically known as Issa, which means a fortified island. Larger islands of this archipelago are Palagruza, Bisevo, Sv. Andrija, Jabuka, Brusnik... Vis is well known for its regatta, which is 32 nautical miles long (on the route Split-Vis). Wild and true beauty of this island  can be sometimes seen jfom  sea. South shore is exposed to the west and south winds from the open sea. Komiza bay is steep and rocky and less exposed to the winds but still suitable for sailing so under such conditions the best thing to do is  simply to allow the wind to blow in the sails and start your adventure. 

People who want to acquire or improve their nautical skills can visit the nautical school in Vis. With so many sailing opportunities Vis is rightly called a nautical nook.