Yacht Charter Croatia

Boat charter in the Adriatic, or as some call Yacht Charter Croatia is a common name for sailing boats charter, renting motor boats, luxury yachts and catamarans.

Whether you are a beginner in need of  several hours of instruction, a professional sailor or perhaps just looking for a luxury yacht with a crew, the simplicity of our search engine allows you to find the boat that best suits your needs and desires.

The Kaiser Yachting fleet contains over 150 models of ships and our offer spans more than 3000 ships from Croatia and about 10000 vessels from around the world.

Kaiser-Yachting Services include accommodation on board, multi-day boat rental, day trips, last minute sailing, last minute deals, great skippers, hostesses, and the entire crew of a yacht, ship or vessel.

As a part of our service you can find books on nautical tourism and nautical charts, information about sailing in Dalmatia and Croatian culture.

Kaiser Yachting organizes team sailing, sailing schools, scuba diving, courses for skippers and regattas.


Sailing on the Adriatic

Croatia has one of the sunniest coastlines in Europe, with more than a thousand islands, each different, special in its own way. Many of them are inhabited but each is distinctive, with its own story and destiny.

The first trip to the Adriatic coast and islands is a journey into the unknown. Each next trip is a return to the already familiar beauty of this country, always different but equally fascinating.

Our offer includes organized trips. Choose catamaran sailing, sailing yachts, sailing with a skipper, charter a catamaran and sail to the Dalmatian islands or beyond...