Sailing is the art of controlling a sailboat and is always a special experience that provides new challenges, whether it's word about beginners or experienced seafarers. Through our agency, you can rent (charter) various types of luxury boats, with or without crew, sailing boats, motor boats, etc.

Greece is a country located in the southeastern peninsula of Europe and is bordered by the Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean Seas. Greece is one of the most popular tourist destination because of the islands and favorable Mediterranean climate, which is ideal for sailing during the summer months. The official language is Greek, Athens is a capital city, which is also the most visited destination in Greece because of its rich history and beauty. Rivers that are found in Greece are not navigable and of short flow, but this beautiful country offers a multitude of marine space and it is the second best indented coast of Europe after Norway. Check out our offer of boats that are available for this country .

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